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2015 Rose Court Reception

2015 Rose Court Reception

2014 Tech Girls E3 STEM Camp

2014 Tech Girls E3 STEM Camp

Rose Bowl Renovation

Rose Bowl Renovation

2013 Tech Girls E3 STEM Camp

2013 Tech Girls E3 STEM Camp

"I’m an educator and former commissioner who understands Together Everyone Achieves More. That’s the true definition of team and if or when elected as your next City Councilmember I will not shy away from the responsibility of the continued revitalization of our district, as a destination place to live, work and play."



In light of senseless deaths of unarmed Americans at the hands of law enforcement officers, civilian oversight and body cameras, notwithstanding the desire for greater transparency as relates to police interaction with community residents and officer involved shootings are very important. 


I support the community's efforts to have a more interactive, transparent, and meaningful role in the City's governance of its police department. I'm also committed to identifying alternative community outreach  programs and efforts with young adults and others in the community to build bonds beyond their typical means of interaction. 


We can't keep doing the same things and expect different outcomes. Now is the time to try something different!


I am committed to the creation of local community campaigns that inform residents of available resources that improve their quality of life and promote self-sufficiency.  We need to put people in contact with the resources which are directly available to them as opposed to hidden or secret pieces of information. 

It is my goal to create a survey tool by which we measure our effectiveness in accomplishing this task as well. 


In addition I intend to incorporate leadership and civic building initiatives targeting my community’s young adult population which has been traditionally ignored, underserved, and forgotten over the years. I firmly believe that providing alternatives and options to this population will significantly improve the quality of life of the district as a whole. This generation will produce the City’s future leadership and it is our obligation to support, encourage, and train them to be prepared.



Pasadena’s shortage of affordable housing has put many in tight squeeze, as more households are paying more than 30% of their total revenue on housing. Given the fact apartments with rents over $1,000 per month have increased since 33% to 68% of all apartments, and those over $1,500 per month by nearly 27 over a 10 year period, we can’t simply ignore the problem. 


I am committed to identifying Federal and state funding opportunities for the City and fostering partnerships with local agencies to create competitive applications and proposals to compete for program funding that focuses on preservation and non traditional, innovative programming. 


While the redevelopment on Lincoln Avenue is a great boost to the district, we must continue to work to protect our local economy by rezoning much of our Districts industrial areas for multipurpose use. With the lack of an entertainment district or similar venues in District 1, we need to do more to encourage a vibrant and diverse economy which captures our tax dollars and recycles them in our district. 


As your City Councilmember, I will work to ensure small business development continues to grown in our district and local hiring of our community members is the norm and not just a hopeful goal.



As an elected official my job is to ensure we provide a highly effective and quality level of city services, as tantamount of our binding social contract with our constituents.


I will work with my fellow council members in creating a comprehensive auditing process for all city departments. As IT Director for USC Rossier School of Education, I am responsible for creating such mechanisms to prevent and catch any fraudulent and erroneous claims from being processed. Once elected to serve you, I will work to ensure your tax dollars are safeguarded and put to serve us in the community and not personal interests.

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